Honoring the Ground-Breaking L&D Initiatives, Stellar Training Teams and Rising Stars!

As training professionals, much of your time is spent developing and recognizing others. The LTEN Excellence Awards is the one recognition program that puts life sciences training and education professionals in the spotlight. Join us in congratulating this year’s awards finalists. Winners and the Members of the Year will be announced at the LTEN Annual Conference’s general session on Wednesday, June 7.

In addition, all award entrants are invited to participate in the Poster session on-site at the event. Click here to locate finalists materials and submit poster session details.

Practitioner Awards Finalists: 

  • All-Star Team
    • AstraZeneca, Commercial Learning & Development Immuno-Oncology
      • Team Members: Carrie Schaal, Director Commercial Learning & Development Oncology; Ryan Obringer, Immuno-Oncology Training Manager; Kenneth Taverner, Medical Information Trainer; Arthur Pearlstein, Diagnostics Trainer; Doug Deal, Senior Trainer; Joshua Lenhardt, Trainer; Heather Ferguson, Trainer; Jodi Taylor, Trainer; Kara Rubin, Trainer; Ronnie Snyder, Nurse Educator Trainer; Mary Berrier, Program Manager; and Virginia Wills, Associate Project Manager
    • Biogen
      • Team Members: Angela Justice, Chief Learning Officer; Laura Gunn, Director, R&D Learning; Amy Macchietto, Sr Director, Global Therapeutic Operations Learning; Jennifer Gardella, Director, Global Learning; Leslie Mason, Director, Learning Operations and extended team members
    • Ferring Pharmaceuticals, Ferring Learning Center (FLC)
      • Team Members: Lee Corbett, Senior Director, Training and Development; Martin Vandenherik, Associate Director, Market Access Training and Development; Peter Frank, Associate Director, Leadership Development; Russell Pool, Associate Director, Sales and Marketing Training; Kristen Rayder, Senior Manager, Training and Development; Farhan Hafeez, Manager, LMS; Jennifer Kivlehan, Specialist, Training and Development; George Kuri, Associate Manager, Sales Training; and Chris Moffitt, Associate Manager, Sales Training
    • Genentech, BioOnc Training Team (BATT)
      • Team Members: Scott Sugerman, Manager, Lung Training, (Project Lead);  Argenta Lopez, Manager, Skin Training; Chuck Williamson, Senior Clinical Trainer, Hematology; Denise Foye, Project Coordinator, XBO; Angel Chaudhuri-Singh, Training Coordinator, HER2; Hershey Trade, Training Coordinator, LGI, (acting as project manager for this project); and Patricia Bowen, Sr. Manager, HER2
    • Janssen Biotech, Sales Learning & Development Team
      • Team Members: Michelle Lynch, Sr. Director, Sales Learning & Development; Lisa Schneer, Learning Systems Management; Michelle Rischar, Sr. Administrative Assistant; Felice Ginsburg, Director, Oncology; Paul Wickmann, Sr. Manager, Oncology Access Reimbursement; Kimberly Fields, Manager, Oncology Access Reimbursement; Matt Rowland, Oncology KAM; Geoconda Flores, Manager, Oncology; Heather Geist, Manager, Oncology; Reninca LaBella, Manager, Oncology; Valerie Wright, Manager, Oncology; Ryan O’Hare, Manager, Oncology; Scott Grantizski, Director, Dermatology Rheumatology; Nancy Mueller, Sr. Manager, Dermatology Academic/HSM; Chrystal Watts, Manager, Dermatology; Dennis Kane, Manager, Academic/HSM; Holly Hinkle, Manager, Rheumatology; Carlos Torress, Director, Gastroenterology/Biosimilars/ABS/MDM; Chris Pesapane, Sr. Manager, Gastroenterology;  Mary Jane Heir, Manager, Gastroenterology; John Loch, Manager, Gastroenterology; Adam Lewin, Manager, Biosim/SCG Liaison; Steve Nichols, Manager, Gastroenterology; and Scott Rhodes, Manager, ABS/MDM
  • Emerging Leader
    • Heather Katz, Bayer HealthCare
    • Ryan Obringer, AstraZeneca
    • Russell Pool, Ferring Pharmaceuticals
    • Matt Serre, Genentech
    • Heather Swyka, Siemens Healthineers
    • Angelo (AJ) Valeri, Biogen
  • Innovation
    • Astellas Pharma, KAM Organization ~ Chris Abboushi
    • Genentech, Commercial Training and Development ~ Chris  Hamman
    • Grifols ~ Karen Callahan
    • Shire, Sales HAE Residency Program (SHARP) ~ Kim Murphy
    • Teva Pharmaceuticals, Commercial Learning & Development ~ Jenny Bryan

Provider Awards Finalists:

  • Innovation
    • AdMed ~ Joan Francy
    • Axiom ~ Mike Ballas
    • Educational Resource Systems (ERS) ~ Gregg Terry
    • Red Nucleus ~ Ian Kelly
    • ScienceMedia ~ Michelle Youngers
    • Scrimmage ~ Derek Lundsten
  • Learning Content
    • CMR Institute ~Michelle O’Connor
    • Flywheel Partners ~ Jeff McMahon
    • IC Axon ~ Carole Gins
    • Red Nucleus ~ Ian Kelly
    • Yukon Training ~ Dennis Falci
  • Industry Partner
    • BI Worldwide ~David Mihalik
    • CMR Institute ~Michelle O’Connor
    • Guidemark ~ Louise Bright
    • HealthAnswers Education ~ Diane Bach
    • inVentiv Health Learning Solutions ~ Celeste Mosby and Beth Gay

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The LTEN Excellence Awards are split into two categories — Practitioner (Trainer/Educator/Organization) and Provider (Industry Partner/Suppliers). Both categories offers four different awards.

PRACTITIONER (Trainer/Educator/Organization) PROVIDER (Industry Partner/Suppliers)

Upcoming Key Dates & Timeline

  • April 15, 2017: Poster Presentations Must Be Confirmed
  • June 5, 2017: Posters Must Be Set Up By Presenters
  • June 7, 2017: Winners Announced at the LTEN Annual Conference


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